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My name is NABEEL

Well, I deal with psycology and study about it so seriously and also , I deal with various personal unhandy situation that every person faces In their life and in recommending them to higher professional helps πŸ₯€


No one can live without problems in their life , if it’s like that …then there would be a questioningπŸ€” ….y r we living ?….what am I made to deal with?, And what would u talk about if u got no issues in Ur lyf?🎭

The things I told now where just primary question and stuff …but when we take it slightly to inside personal issues …like the problems u face in school and the person u hate the most in Ur lyf and the reason behind that , the rate of question for reasonableness devolops too much .

The regret u feel for urself 🌸

For some of the problems and light issues , u can figure out solutions and methods to solve and live peacefully , but when it turns out to be high mental taking ability , problems that r above Ur age , or like problems which are very new to u , bcuz u have lived a happy life with big family and now u find it difficult to adapt urself to a problematic situation . and here we come to talk about enormous number of problems to a person who faces those load of mental thinkable level issues of problems at a same time , where he is supposed to face coz it’s related to him , it becomes hectic for him or her .

And the person loses the confidence or self esteem ethics that made him think random solutions at once and now makes him land on a painful word called ” stress ” where the solving nature of a guy disappear maybe due to fear of what other ppl might say or think about him if he reacts in a particular way or so in a situation .

And slowly unknowingly he thinks maybe asking help from trusted ppl or friends could be right and useful and makes the first wrong decision of speaking personal problems with others and depending on them to solve his problematic situations !!!

Here , two main factors come into play ….

1. He loses his confidential trust on his own for solving his or her responsible problems.

2.The person or friends to whom u go for help , you have no idea what r his or her life situations and problems and without knowing anything you blindly think he can give u a way out of your mental stress .

Also the person , mainly forgets that only he is in the situation of that problem , not his friend and only he can sense the pressure of the stressful situation bcuz it is about his personal issue and friend can’t feel his urge of pain.

And everything obviously goes wrong in most cases and they get into a stage called depression , here they feel like they became weak , like not in physical level …but in mental (fitness) state , they feel like their heart is senseless and their mind is full of flashbacks and hard words .

We call this “ugly truths” …coz u don’t say it to anyone and keep on chewing it like a gum thinkin again and again.

In such situations …they fix a certain sentence or image or some situation in their mind of past and they believe in some wrong manner that their point of view on their particular matter is true and that’s all they care about .

Sharing your problems with an unknown person often makes u feel relaxed !!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ–€

In such cases a study of psycology and advise over that is needed , coz all the person who is affected wants a person to hear and trust on what he says and support his sentences that satisfies to make him feel relaxed ,

And he feel relaxed over here bcuz he feels that he is not the only person who is not going down in a drowning ship and there is someone who knows his pain too. (Me)

To be straight , plz do not worry about me while talking about urself , co we’ve dealt with such situations for more Than a 100 times .

Fuck misunderstandings .

Leading to make him feel satisfied on his thoughts and building up trust over him and making him believe like I trust his words…that I or we blv on watever he says ,

Trust me …. eventhough I say u the secrets over my methodology …while we r on Ur own case , u won’t even sense all these words ….I swear !!!

Ok , so now after making him blv that I belong over with him, we slowly turn his blvs to something related and conveince him to change on watever he blvs into a non dangerous pathetic form (according to the situation) that makes him take a wrong decisions like suicide into slowly bringing up back to his self trust and problem solving mentality because he knows that I nod on whatever he says and accept his statement .

Well , to b frank , all of these might looks simple , but trust me , it ain’t a simple way , it takes weeks to build up a bond over your trusty words ,

The above method is just a behavioural psychological pattern that most psycologist use , making u to understand taht this is not a medication or a Therapy and we don’t want u to feel like a patient over here , we wanna be your best friend who listens to Ur sorrows and tears and make u strong on Ur bad times like depression and making u out safely into a healthy mental health .

So all I wanna do is listen … coz I live listening to problems and give u the stability to start up Ur engine back and make u feel normal again which reflects through Ur beautiful unknown smile that appears on Ur face after a long time .

Note : Our intentions are totally on recommending you to the required help u need …and not dealing with it, as we only have experience in dealing within the hearing experiences …and not acting as any professional psycologist act at all .


My assurance and promise

Personal Dairy #46

Whatever is discussed between us through the session will not be shared with anyone at any purpose at all , I can give a 100% of assurance over that.

Like a penny in a piggy bank , Ur personal matters won’t b discussed at any point with anyone at all .🌸😊

Not even to Ur parents or friends . All these is made to make u feel urself and give u security for sharing Ur personal space, while talking about Ur problems that stand a way hiding Ur happinesses !!!