Your ideas Vs Your laughs !!?😨πŸ₯Ά

Instead of just messing around with formalities , let’s jump into what’s today on mind talks …

Have u ever imagined …y ppl laugh at us ???!!

Me *
Also me * …. laughing at someone else .

Hmmm…..Obviously one would be ….coz of Ur lame jokes or becuz u do something funny all the time .

Isn’t that a really cool feeling !!! 🌸

Okay ….what others , Mmmm….times when u mess up !!! , do something stupid or end up in karma …..yah ..sure thing ,right …..πŸ‘»

It’s like …yah , we a good person !!! , But there are times we laugh at something and someone, but we feel unethical , when others laugh at us for the same reason .

Also , there are ppl , who think in a corner …why are my friends laughing at something that is really ” NEW “and somethings that really makes sense ?.

And there are this situations where we have to laugh , just becuz our Friends are laughing at someone , and we have to act along them too and start laughing right !!! …. isn’t the rule of a friendship sooo complicated ?!!🀦πŸ€ͺ

But this is me …and yah there are some ppl like me, who ….laugh while others are laughing ….( We know that running alone won’t help ) ….so yah ..we laugh, but it is the same us , who think about it later like, why did I laugh at him ?!! And for Ur info , 1/10 like this thoughts are present in every mind .

And trust me , there are some ppl I met in my life who amuse me with such inspiring ideas about future development ….but I all I did was laugh at them along with others ….

But later I realized something in me saying to myself …. That …there were always ppl laughing at those olden times , when someone use to say that one day we’ll fly in the air , we’ll have a device to communicate with a friend who is countries away ….and this so many questions in my mind make me think ….MAHN , ALL THEY DID WAS LAUGH !!!😟 , but it did all happen …righ, and now those mobile phones are our life and trust me , i know how it feels …if u don’t have Ur mobiles with u for even one day ?!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΎ

We just feel like we lost an arm .πŸ‘»πŸ˜œ…simple

The concept is , there were always these so called ppl’s ….but humanity stepped up …right ? ….coz sometimes we make a thinking in our mind , and we laugh at ppl’s , assuming they are fools …but it feel like ...the ppl who are laughing are fools …coz trust me or not , we just keep laughing forgetting that the most influential and FaMoUs ppl of this world are ppl who came from a light in their head called ” ideas “and defnetly not books…and there were ppl at those times too …who were laughing ….but the irony over here is ….they were only laughing by making their opponents stronger …

And these so called opponents , made themselves strong And change their ideas to reality to just make ppl stop laughing at them !!! And how much powerful is that ….coz we land up just laughing again at someone else , not realising that we made our opponent costlier , coz he the one with “idea”…

All I did was laugh at this too …this idea of me thinking like this ….coz isn’t realization a complicated that makes us fools by just making us laugh by making us think about what we think itself is stupider.. isn’t it?…..coz after all u realize it’s the human nature and u can do nothing about it and u go to sleep in the half way process.

And I did start working on this time , To ask me to stop laughing and start thinking , coz imagination exists !!! , Coz this phone that u r holding in Ur hands was once a big fat joke for centuries ….can u imagine ?!! πŸ‘»

Ok fine … don’t believe me …go to history …as even all it says too is : In a fight between a idea and a laugh , the idea is the one that always wins , coz the ppl who laugh the most , have too much pain inside them , that makes them casually use the powerful word :

” Move on

Isn’t life a interesting fat big joke …huh ?!!! Coz all Shakespeare did was fade away a reality truth by saying that after all we were god’s actors acting in his small role of world life .




. Do comment Ur ideas… I’m dying to hear .

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6 thoughts on “Your ideas Vs Your laughs !!?😨πŸ₯Ά

    1. That’s a secret note over there at those brackets 😜☺️….
      would love to ms Singh 🌸
      It’s a pleasure to know u read my blogs πŸ™ƒβ€οΈ

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    1. Absolutely, life is pretty funny when u take turns according to what u need and how to think according to Ur needs !!😜🌸….btw. . thanks miss πŸ˜ŠπŸ–€

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