This or That ?….🀷😭

I often notice me and the people who live with me and my surroundings , coming across a common problem in Their lives in decision makings .

And I literally never knew , y god always gives us two paths to choose on.. when we only pray to him to give us success .🀦😜πŸ€ͺ

And yah … everyone faces this similarity and the struggle to choose between so many options that can change the view of Ur life that u present it up as Ur future .

Here , obviously we’re so afraid that what would happen if I chose something else that’s wrong for me , and I missed and messed up with the right path that was just ahead of me !!! …and mostly we get self possessed with us if things goes really… really ….wrong .

And u come to land up on a state called self depressed upon the decisions u make .

For such good people who thinks like really in a technical way and in a society threat and in a safety concerned multiple confusing way!!! I really appreciate them and I would simply suggest to pick up the first thought that comes in ur mind and do it with full satisfaction , that ur mind choses for u unknowingly , but the first answer that suddenly rises in Ur head as soon u think about the problem …” that thought ” .πŸ˜²πŸ€—

This decision advice was actually from a psychotherapist to me years ago , and I find it pretty good and easy for me in taking my decisions and living with it , and also I can guarantee u as it never goes wrong with me nor do u fail , coz it’s a simple secret satisfaction u put on the thought that u are gonna choose the first thought that comes out of those two options that u have in mind .😌

I know , I can see Ur eyes seeming a bit confused over here , ok …lemme put it simple words :

In a randomly decision decision taking , between an yes and a no option choice that u fix in Ur head , apply the first thought that comes to Ur mind , if u get an yes … apply the yes qualities and let’s goo in lyf , if u get a no firstly thought in Ur mind , it’s ok πŸ™Œ, look out or verify your other options and opportunities that makes u to take a firm decision much stronger .❀️

After all , it’s u who is gonna live with the decisions u make , and it’s more simple to come out of self pityness that comes in the orderly thinking if u fail , rather than failing bcuz of someone else , as he made Ur decisions , since u asked him to take Ur decisions

And my simple theory is , You only realize the real threat and the value of Ur life , only when a gun point is holder ahead of ur head and the situation must seem like , you are in the edge tip of Ur beautiful life , coz it’s u over there holding the last breath of Ur life and there is no theory yet assuming what will happen after u die , and trust me , no one has ever taken initiative to find it too , coz they know it’s pointless .

It’s exactly the same scenario , it’s Ur decision that u must take in Ur own coz it’s ur life and only u can understand the value of Ur lyf with the heart that is beating in u unknowingly , so y not take the decisions by urself !!!

And this is where I help u with what I know : take up the first thought and the first answer that clicks in Ur mind suddenly out of nowhere as u ask the question to urself and maximum apply it into actions without any more further thoughts and thinking on an on about is , which u deeply know that’s waste .🀷🌸

It’s so fuckin simple , it’s we who complicate it ; 🀯

U have a problem in Ur mind , suddenly u get a thought like an answer arising unknowingly in our mind .

Now don’t waste anytime , I understand we are prone to confusions .🀦😲…that’s today’s world !!!

Fuck confusions.

Apply the first thought that came to Ur mind like an answer to Ur question , and start working on it ASAP .

U succeed or not , who cares , fuck what will people or Ur parents think about u , be strong and have faith in what u do , and I’m damn sure u will chose the right path out of all the confusions .

If u again say NO .. I’ll fail !!! 😦, fuck it ..hey!!!☺️ Notice, unknowingly u got satisfaction here , coz u made Ur decisions πŸ€©πŸ‘πŸ€™

And not by some lame guys who only want u if u have money and use in u !!!



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9 thoughts on “This or That ?….🀷😭

    1. Totally ms Singh , but a study on one of Chile universities show that ppl always regret when they don’t go with their first ideas and they wanna go with something that’s always called COMPLICATED !!!
      and yah btw .. u r right in a way , we always work as per the nature , can’t change anything that passed times away ☺️❀️🌸

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well , I’m not mostly into incel community stuffs and I deal with study relating to psychology and dianetics πŸŒΈπŸ™Œ
      Btw , there is a spelling mistake on Ur comment , it must be look* πŸ˜œπŸ‘πŸΎβ€οΈ


    2. Yah , I’m actually on a study related material for one of my new psycological idea , 😊
      I’m actually doing online jobs to get my resources that supports my discoveries 🌸😲
      It was so sweet of u to ask about me . ☺️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️


      1. hey miss monica , i guess u missed my blogs too much . πŸ’•
        i think its my responsiblity to say u that i’m writing again …. don’t miss out my tough ones out now .πŸ––β€

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    3. hey miss monica , i hope u r doing well , 😊…. i thought that its my duty to inform u that i’m writing again recently….. don’t miss out my latest tough ones πŸ˜‰πŸ€ž

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