Seriousness !?! 😨😢

Imagine : what made u to suddenly click this post and read it unknowingly !!! … that’s the irony on which this blog is based on πŸ˜œπŸ˜ŒπŸ‘πŸΎ

This is a real life example I wanted to show u ,it actually took me some time to grow both my accounts …in which one was a girl identity and another one was a guy .

It’s just a study experienced by me on making myself and my friends to understand ….what are the conditions on why people consider some things seriously from a joke and other serious things to be taken lightly .

(To be fair both the accounts had same followers ,one account was insta and another was on twitter ) And actually to be pretty fair , the insta one had more followers than Twitter one.


So assembling on why people like some silly things ,

if u see the first tweet pic , there is no context at all , but still 300 ❀️ …and yah …to be fair ..I know genetically mens are weak over sexual interactions .

I had no idea , why would people like it so badly, actually only 340 are following totally πŸ˜…

To be frank ,I felt like I’m a great writer after writing this 😜🀷…coz before realising the fact about y I got these many likes on some NOTHING words….I felt the power of the girls and the ability on the power they have over words that public reads . ( In most scenarios , it’s more effective over boys and mostly guys take it seriously than girls take it when a guy writes something meaningful …and trust me that’s Reality and the nature too…so there is nothing to be ashamed of .( Coz I’m a boy who’s talking about this here)πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΎ

So moving on to the second tweet written by the same fuckin me but as a guy πŸ€ͺ , and here it actually where we compare a humorous thought between the two worlds and the power of words over boys and girls , giving rise to a new idea of Thought in realization in reality of what we really miss …and to be exact in it , this tweet only got only 12❀️…..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Seriously …a 12 πŸ˜‚…and before looking at the tweet itself I noticed one of my friend looking at the likes , coz he doesn’t know that it’s my fake ID…. otherwise I’d have got more likes …I guess πŸ€ͺ😜

If u call this “ITS FAIR” . Well , fuck Ur ego , πŸ˜‚…I know u can’t …coz I couldn’t .

So from here ,what does it really mean?!! …Are people drawn to the things said by a experienced lady more than a experienced guy due to her attractiveness gender sex ?!!

Or does it mean , do people always look the amount of likes , a tweet received , before they plan to take that tweet seriously after reading it ?!! πŸ˜…πŸ’―…( This one is something I do at times )

It’s ok … there’s nothing wrong in it , it’s just a coming to know stuff that we must be aware of what actions we take and accept in the day to day lives .🌸

The study is still being continued by me ….and plz feel free to share Ur Thoughts on what u think about this .


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This or That ?….🀷😭

I often notice me and the people who live with me and my surroundings , coming across a common problem in Their lives in decision makings .

And I literally never knew , y god always gives us two paths to choose on.. when we only pray to him to give us success .🀦😜πŸ€ͺ

And yah … everyone faces this similarity and the struggle to choose between so many options that can change the view of Ur life that u present it up as Ur future .

Here , obviously we’re so afraid that what would happen if I chose something else that’s wrong for me , and I missed and messed up with the right path that was just ahead of me !!! …and mostly we get self possessed with us if things goes really… really ….wrong .

And u come to land up on a state called self depressed upon the decisions u make .

For such good people who thinks like really in a technical way and in a society threat and in a safety concerned multiple confusing way!!! I really appreciate them and I would simply suggest to pick up the first thought that comes in ur mind and do it with full satisfaction , that ur mind choses for u unknowingly , but the first answer that suddenly rises in Ur head as soon u think about the problem …” that thought ” .πŸ˜²πŸ€—

This decision advice was actually from a psychotherapist to me years ago , and I find it pretty good and easy for me in taking my decisions and living with it , and also I can guarantee u as it never goes wrong with me nor do u fail , coz it’s a simple secret satisfaction u put on the thought that u are gonna choose the first thought that comes out of those two options that u have in mind .😌

I know , I can see Ur eyes seeming a bit confused over here , ok …lemme put it simple words :

In a randomly decision decision taking , between an yes and a no option choice that u fix in Ur head , apply the first thought that comes to Ur mind , if u get an yes … apply the yes qualities and let’s goo in lyf , if u get a no firstly thought in Ur mind , it’s ok πŸ™Œ, look out or verify your other options and opportunities that makes u to take a firm decision much stronger .❀️

After all , it’s u who is gonna live with the decisions u make , and it’s more simple to come out of self pityness that comes in the orderly thinking if u fail , rather than failing bcuz of someone else , as he made Ur decisions , since u asked him to take Ur decisions

And my simple theory is , You only realize the real threat and the value of Ur life , only when a gun point is holder ahead of ur head and the situation must seem like , you are in the edge tip of Ur beautiful life , coz it’s u over there holding the last breath of Ur life and there is no theory yet assuming what will happen after u die , and trust me , no one has ever taken initiative to find it too , coz they know it’s pointless .

It’s exactly the same scenario , it’s Ur decision that u must take in Ur own coz it’s ur life and only u can understand the value of Ur lyf with the heart that is beating in u unknowingly , so y not take the decisions by urself !!!

And this is where I help u with what I know : take up the first thought and the first answer that clicks in Ur mind suddenly out of nowhere as u ask the question to urself and maximum apply it into actions without any more further thoughts and thinking on an on about is , which u deeply know that’s waste .🀷🌸

It’s so fuckin simple , it’s we who complicate it ; 🀯

U have a problem in Ur mind , suddenly u get a thought like an answer arising unknowingly in our mind .

Now don’t waste anytime , I understand we are prone to confusions .🀦😲…that’s today’s world !!!

Fuck confusions.

Apply the first thought that came to Ur mind like an answer to Ur question , and start working on it ASAP .

U succeed or not , who cares , fuck what will people or Ur parents think about u , be strong and have faith in what u do , and I’m damn sure u will chose the right path out of all the confusions .

If u again say NO .. I’ll fail !!! 😦, fuck it ..hey!!!☺️ Notice, unknowingly u got satisfaction here , coz u made Ur decisions πŸ€©πŸ‘πŸ€™

And not by some lame guys who only want u if u have money and use in u !!!



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The you !!! Whom u don’t know very well …πŸ€”πŸ‘πŸΎ

There are this time , we talk with some people , like total randomly ,

we would have met them through someone and at someplace and unknowingly we start to like em and everything they do is something u like , and their appearance and their behaviour is something u posses .

But here , u also find something inside u , that says ; Maybe he ain’t a good person like u think , and u find a inner voice communicating with u Sayin to know about him a resisting way …and it’s like u like him a half , but unknowingly u don’t like something in him that makes u to take this next move ….and u start to :

( This is a pretty complicated topic of my thoughts , so concentrate and read . )

And trust me , there are this so many things that I do especially to maybe satisfy me , and it’s not jealousy , it’s just that maybe I wanna satisfy myself that he ain’t the good guy that I’m thinking of , and I know that u know this feeling in u that I’m talking about….it’s actually that there is no word found for this feeling I’m trying to explain still , but I’m sure some of u know about this feeling in u , and mostly lemme be frank over here , Don’t miss this guys in Ur lyf , as u won’t feel this way with everybody !

And tbh , this is not love . πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‚

Lemme put it in this way , u always love somebody to fill the gap in u , something that’s missing in u , coz u don’t like a person who is like u , u like to choose a person who u r actually missing in u unknowingly . The you !!! , who comes out of u when u r alone, and yah …. I’m trying to explain this !!!

Eventhough the quotes page is filled with loving Ur soulmate stuff , trust me , the above passage is Ur reality….it’s a simple concept that u blv more in things you see ! ,And yah there are case ppl give more importance to love more than desire and obviously in most cases it would end up in divorce .

And in that feeling that I mentioned above , if u finally get to prove that he’s a bad person as u pictured them in Ur head …. U get satisfied and u move on …BUT !!! if he’s not the guy u though and Ur senses start liking them too much !!! , u devolop some unknown liking for that person inside u , bcuz the wrong thinkin mentality inside u , transforms u into someone new .

It’s mostly a feeling like , u feel belonged with them , when u r around them and u start to overwhelm in love tears when they’re not around u .

( I’m being too careful with the words that I choose here , so I’m confident about what I’m about )

After all it’s a feeling that hasn’t been put to words yet , but we all do feel this way with some new faces we meet everyday unknowingly , coz after all ….each one of us stalk somebody other than our fav celebrity in our personal lives . πŸ˜‰

Isn’t it ?πŸ™ƒβ€οΈ




We have changed in so many ways , but understand this , we always hold some things in common always , for example : EMOTIONS .

Comment Ur thoughts . 🌸

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WTF is formality ?!! πŸ˜³πŸŒΈ

Often times , we don’t like anyone except the ones we love to come to our house at all times periodically, I know u get offended …but we do hesitate … don’t fool me πŸ€ͺ

But still we pretend to feel happy and invite them with the huge fake smile in our faces that could be given an Oscar according to the act we show up to ourselves when they come to our house.

And u make the formalities like wishing them , eventhough… if u don’t want to and asking about their family stuff though u don’t have to ….but we still ….coz we have an Oscar to ourselves always that floats in our ego to prove ourselves out of prestige .

Later …We ask …do they want coffee or tea , eventhough u don’t have sugar in your house and they have to say “no” at the first time u ask and while stressing at a point to make them have coffee , coz u wanna make them finish all the sugar u have in your house, making them unrealised that u have diabetes .

They too have a fake smile in their face , coz they feel u care for them by making coffee to a long term friend due to the word “Friendship”.

And at a point due to these formalities questions and talk he talks , and u answer like u r in ….the Eddie show…there comes a stage he forgets about the concept that he actually came to talk about to you and he catches another topic and get carried away in a formality question answers drinking your over-sugered coffee and unknowingly he comes to know that it was coffee at the end … where he realises at the moment that he drank thinking it was a tea .

And then when it becomes more than half an hour , it feels to him like he has sat for too long in someone’s house and he feel like a decade has passed and with no option he or she gets up and leave your house …. unknowingly and forgetting the reason why he came ….πŸ˜‚

It would be completely different kind of acting if Ur friend’s.. wife or husband is in the house ….and I’m pretty sure I don’t wanna discuss about what would happen on that 😜

As u manipulate Ur character for something that has been followed as a traditional respect like stuff for centuries …and u give up everything including something that u wanna talk …that is running in Ur mind … thinking what he would think if I ask about it ?? and u keep Ur …real u, shut !!! And end up asking the formality questions itself like u started in the beginning….

Nowadays , it had caused a major effect in bringing our friends to home …. regardingly thinking about what would my mom say ?!!….if I take them to my home …!!!

I know that we have to be respectful outside when u r with elders

But it’s not like to give urself up and Ur character and starting to act like u r an innocent fellow…

Coz unknowingly ,the topic , I’m talking about stands a base in transforming a fear in urself in thinking more about public opinion on u …

And now …I know that u would start commenting like ….bro!!! Don’t care about what people say of think …. just fuck em …..but trust me , u’ll be not the same person when u r in the field worrying about what would people think about u …it’s just that u satisfy urself by commenting it , as words make it easy on u to empower others …but u unknowingly know the truth , that u always care about what people say and think about you , coz after all u take it carelessly that it’s simply a text that I’m gonna type to this unknown guy as a brave comments….and I’ll be happy to say fuck urself !!! For this 🀷😳

Coz understanding the basics holds our life ….as I’m not trying to change anything over here ….I’m just afraid that we tend act everywhere like some good guy and we loose ourselves.. the real character of me…. and we start to act everywhere at first and then u realize a different love between Ur character and formalities than u r showing it in Ur own house Infront of Ur parents … hiding the real u and faking Ur own self .

And by not forgetting thatnowadays ….it has become worse as we all sit in front of each other happily in our house , but taking out your mobiles rather than words from your mouth….well , doesn’t that hurts … ain’t it ??!!!

I know …it’s the ugly truth ..coz there are always some truth’s that we can’t accept..but just think on it and be you !!!….and not some one you get by showing and talking formalities by modifying Ur character often in front of Ur own people ….coz Trust me… it’s the base of Ur pity life .




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